Who is nick carter dating now

Shirley informs them that Kat and Alfie Moon had a deal on, which was a £1 a drink and Mick and Linda wonder if Shirley can get stuff from the soup kitchen on tick, but Shirley packed in the job.

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Linda then brings up the fire Shirley caused accidentally on Christmas and how they lost so much before telling Shirley she did her kids a favour by walking out on them and she asks Shirley if she has any idea how much she hurt Mick.

As they leave, Linda reminds Tina that she is welcome and Shirley asks Linda to tell Mick that she misses him.

Linda's mum, Elaine, owns a pub in which Linda grew up in.

Since she was a teenager, Linda has been dating Mick Carter.

In December 2013, Linda's sister in law, Tina Carter brings her sister Shirley Carter to a pub in Watford, which turns out to be Linda and Mick's.

Linda is in the middle of a raffle and Linda and Shirley don't seem to be too pleased to see each other.

Later, Linda tells Mick that she wants Shirley out and she tells Shirley that she is sacked as she runs The Vic, so she decides who does and doesn't work as the pub is the family's, which is her, Mick and the kids.

Shirley says that Linda is kicking off as she has just found out Johnny is gay, which the whole pub hears.

When Johnny reveals to Mick he is gay, Linda overhears and is devastated by the news.

The next morning, Linda gives Johnny toast with jam for breakfast, but Mick says Johnny doesn't eat jam and never has. Mick defends Johnny telling her that she must be trying to prove a point.

v Linda Bernadette Carter (previously Peacock) (born 1 July 1977) made her first appearance on the 19th December 2013 and she is the long term partner and wife of Mick Carter and the mother of Lee, Nancy, Johnny and Ollie Carter.


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