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signal repeaters (which i think is what you looked at) are good at providing a signal in the general area provided they have a signal themselves. i'm at the very edge of a deadzone myself and besides what i said above there isnt much to do about it.

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I will gladly welcome any and all help on boosters, antennas, etc..

Sprint gets an excellent signal here, and I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to switch. the antenna-like devices you put in phones generally do not work.

Maybe someone who has had the same problem can help....moved to an area that does not have Verizon cell phone coverage.

On the map it does show coverage beginning approximately 100 ft to the west of me, to the east it is a mile or so, north and south are both a 1/2 mile.

I did see that Verizon has a booster for $249, haha, I pay enough for their service, I'm surely not going to pay more! I previously had Verizon, moved to an area with a dead zone, and could not receive or make calls from my home. They checked to see if they had similar complaints on streets around me, discovered they had many, and sent me the booster you're talking about for free. Mildly late to the party but there seems to be some misinformation in this thread, not entirely the poster(s) fault either.

A cell signal repeater or cell phone booster takes the outside signal, and then amplifies it.

normally they are used to provide buildings with "inside coverage" because steel and concrete can kill coverage. one thing i do recommend is to download the latest list of towers in your area. i used to get 0-1 bars, after the update i get 0-3.

calls get missed or dropped at times but its not bad (and i have a landline also so no big deal).

Plus it has the added benefit of being mounted outside, most likely on your roof.

Edit: Got a badge for returning after over a year, who knew lol Hi, you sound like you know what you are talking about. I want to go to an area where there is no coverage. Is there an antenna that can be mounted on my house, or my roof, or 30' in the air that will (or may) pull the signal? could I then use a repeater or booster to relay signal to my cell my yard, or my house, or on my dock?

its really annoying and verizon swapped out the sim for me but mentioned that if this issue keeps happening they will replace the device for me.


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