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And the Ballast can translated the energy from the power supply to the lamp.

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There is a standard measurement of the pixel damage allowed if it is due to the DMD damage. If there is a uneven dark spot on the display, There are black substrates around the mirror of the DMD chip. The light bulb of the projectors with general metal bulbs has its special-purpose specification, suitable for this factory model only and unable to share with other factory brand.

The black frames around the display area are the reflection of the black substrates from the lights. Therefore, not being able to have mass production results in its expensive Because the working temperature of projectors is between 300~950 degrees.

The liquid crystal used in display technology such as LCD/LED monitors, large format display or digital signage is driven by electrodes.

If the same display is remained at the same position for a long time, electric charge driving the electrodes can cause liquid crystal to build up and remain in one position, leaving a mark. This mark or residue as a result of image retention is usually a shadow, or faint outline of the previous static image that was being displayed.

To avoid image retention, please activate the power management function to let the LCD/LED monitor, large format display or digital signage go into "sleep mode", or turn on screensaver after short period of inactivity.

Alternatively, can use animation to avoid same display is remained for a long period of time.

Color wheel: The speed of the color wheel is around 6000 rpm. Abnormal spinning noise of the color wheel will be more disturbing and alarm.

Sometimes its e It is a measurement of light that has been standardized by ANSI.

It is commonly used to rate the brightness of a data projector.

An ANSI lumen rating uses an average of several measurements taken across the face of the light source.

Certain Ben Q monitor and large format display comes with built in power saving function.

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