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Tinder objects to any accusations of leaky privacy controls, citing that the company considers information published on the platform as publicly available in profiles.

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So what should you send a woman to stand out and get a response?

Erin has the perfect solution–just mention something specific from one of her photos online! Just take a look at her pictures, and comment on something specific (unrelated to her physical attributes or body).

We were lucky enough to sit down and interview Erin about how to have the most online dating success in the current day and age… So today, we’re going to share her 3 best tips to give you the most online dating success next year.

Beginning with tip #1: Whether you’re really into online dating, or just exploring it for the first time, you probably are already aware of the importance of the first message you send a woman.

Modern day matchmaking is big business, and the search for true love online has produced big data which is also deeply personal. For those addicted to swiping left and right, however, there may be a hidden vulnerability.

While online and mobile dating platforms have reinvented the ways we can discover and connect with partners, they’ve also presented profound privacy and safety issues. As reported in the Guardian, “Swipebuster” is a paid service which allows anyone to spy on Tinder users.

So use her profile photos to break the ice and jump into an interesting conversation with her.

Trust me–even asking her about her day is a copout. Since you may be matching with so many women, you may end up talking to a lot of women online as well.

Whether you’re into online dating or not, there’s no denying that it’s more popular now than ever. You may remember our piece about NYC wingwoman extraordinaire, Erin Davis.

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