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But one thing comes to mind immediately.......doesn't the head of the Sphinx depict an Egyptian king?

I'm sure there was no Egyptian kingdom 12,000 years ago. The ancients were alot older than what common consensus says. Lif ENcircle S i can see you argument, but picture this, you are the head of s civilization that happens to have a giant cat with wierd regal cat statue in its back yard. wouldnt you emulate this god greature in your appearance to give yourself credibility? the head is really way out of proportion for the body.

is that right for a people who could build a geometrically perfect pyramid in alignment to the poles?

That evidence shows possible build-dates were before sea-level rise after last Ice Age.

Experts have known for years that carbon dating is inexact but until researchers from Bristol and Harvard completed their study no one knew by how much." So therefore, the carbon-14 test on the pyramid is in no way conclusive, and the historical date of the creation of the pyramid cannot be validated from such a study.

so it was obviously around for years before it was carved into shape. Just because the mountains of Rushmore are millions of years old doesnt mean the four presidents faces are.

I think you'll find whoever carved it started out by digging out the pit around it then carving the shape into the central piece within the pit.some theories suggest that the sphinx head was re-carved around 2500bc.It shouldnt be a surprise to us if the egyptians in fact renovated the sphinx and the pyramids many times over their history. Who knows, maybe in 5,000 years the scholars will give us credit for building the sphinx !The church uses this information to control the world. If it is carved, I think the head is disproportionally small because they couldn't get a larger one to stay in one piece.And I pretty much think the same even if it isn't carved.So it wasn't a pre-existent rock sitting above ground.

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