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The most common pickguards are made of plastic with a black crinkle control plate common to the mid-eighties.

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Prefixes are as follows: "B" bass, "G" Guitar, "BC" Broadcaster.

All systems incorporate a seven-digit sequence i.e. While designating serial numbers to instruments, not all numbers were used.

The prefix "CL" and "CLF" stand for "Clarence Leo" and "Clarence Leo Fender", respectively. The George Fullerton model, which when changed to 4-bolt neck attachment, continued with serial numbers using the prefix "GF", for "George Fullerton" until discontinued.

Enthusiasts interested in production dates and serialization are well advised to visit Guitars By to research the registry and accompanying text.

Most G&L instruments are both body and neck dated, which also adds to the confusion of knowing when an instrument was built.

Some instruments have only neck dates, which appear to have been stamped at their time of final construction, then stockpiled for later use.

ABOUT THIS SECTION The information in the table and text below the horizontal bar was compiled by Paul Bechtoldt, columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, and is included in his book G&L: Leo's Legacy.

While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced through 1992, a significant change in serialization of instruments occurred in 1997, with the advent of 4-bolt neck guitars.

The serial numbers on guitars and basses started at #500, reserving prior numbers for special instruments or presentation.

Guitars and Basses had their own numbering system, the only other instrument to receive its own system was the Broadcaster.

When the plates were stamped the spray filled in the numbers making them illegible.


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