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After a great dinner and a lot of dancing in Saigon, her girlfriend had to get home and she lived in the rice paddies just outside Saigon.

We flew airborne television broadcast missions for AFVN and THVN (govt of South Vietnam broadcast service).

I arrived at TSN in Jan of 1966 and broadcast the first television in country in Feb of 1966.

I could no longer see any military nor White Mice (VN police).

I kept telling him Tan Son Nhut and he was trying to distract me asking if I wanted "number one girl." He pulled up and stopped on a little island surounded by rice paddies and there was a building there and only two trees standing.

Although I was not active duty military, I served at Tan Son Nhut with the RMK-BRJ Co., a Naval Contractor. I was an E-3 in the Air Force and a jet engine mechanic.

I was an Investigator with their Security Department, and my office was located on the back side of the Airport. We were the VOODOO Witch Doctors and worked on RF-101's.

I had heard the rumors that went around of VCs posing as cab drivers to pick up a GI to get information before an attack, and that was all I needed was to make it through the Viet Nam War, and then get captured while I was a civilian.

Just then another cab pulls up going in the opposite direction, a young girl in Ao Dai gets out and pays the cabbie, I grab my stuff and run over to the cab and jump in and repeated VC, VC! Army MP about the incident, but never got the guy's license number so, there was nothing he could do.

I was on mid shift and both of the birds came back without any pilot write-ups (highly unusual as something was always out of wack and needed attention). came along and checked the forms and finding no write-ups said I could "make my break," also unusual since they usually wanted us to stay until the replacements came at the next shift that ended at midnight.


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  4. My dad was given sedatives for me and my brother after my mum died to use as a last resort.

  5. Efter julespillet hyggede vi videre i klubhuset med medlemmernes egne hjemmelavede lækkerier. plads til Linda Thrane (nyt medlem i HPK) til andespil i Østbirk. Medaljehøsten til Horsens Petanque Klub indbragte klubben et Danmarksmesterskab, og fordelte sig yderligere som følger.

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