Online dating qualitative research

Consider VR: In the near future, we will use it as an ethnographic tool to engage users and get their direct feedback in contextually relevant ways.Participants can virtually interact with a physician.Rather than, “We need to speak with users,” tell your stakeholders the potential cost of a product flop due to lack of research.

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Dating apps provide a dazzling array of potential connections.

They also make the act of exploring and choosing potential dates a satisfying and fun process (swipe right, swipe left, anyone? The presence of choice creates a perception of control, increasing enjoyment.

By synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data, we designed a more accessible tool that leveraged relationships with existing local service providers — not the mobile-first solution that seemed obvious from statistical data at first glance.2.

Get Engaged, Repeatedly Online dating platforms foster immersive interactions that engage their users.

Once you find someone whose data intrigues you–maybe this person is an 87% match, 6-foot-5, and loves corgis–you make the decision to meet in real life.

That’s when you gain a crucial layer of qualitative data: insight into chemistry and compatibility.

Yet while designers can easily show their value through the products they create, design researchers have traditionally experienced more difficulty quantifying the value of our work.

Like in online dating, capturing the right metrics as we conduct design research is imperative.

For instance, the first Obama presidential campaign wanted to determine which website design would lead to the most email signups.

Design research using A/B testing led to an image and button text change that resulted in 40% more signups.

Instead of looking at blueprints or sketches of a waiting room, patients can walk through one in VR and modify its appearance and layout to suit their needs and preferences.

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