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The benefits of Norton parallel those of Mc Afee, although they do begin to branch off from each other somewhat.

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One of the key benefits of Mc Afee is the fact that it is readily available and free to download.

It comes with a basic database of viruses and other malware that updates itself routinely.

What’s more, there is a documented blue screen error when uninstalling or upgrading.

the link provided explains the nature of the error, but basically a root folder becomes corrupted somewhere along the way. By way of its charming child-protection feature, Norton will blanket-ban tons of websites and programs that attempt to access the internet.

Installing an antivirus program can help in keeping your files from becoming compromised, as well as keeping a malicious program from damaging your system files.

What is it that drives these miscreants to develop and distribute these malicious programs?

Having an antivirus program can certainly help to prevent an infection.

They even may be able to contain or sometimes fix your computer, should it become compromised.

Malware and other virtual threats are hidden around every corner, waiting to corrupt your system and make your tech life a nightmare. We have great deals on dependable Norton antivirus software and Trend Micro security programs that can make it easier to protect your system.

But our selection goes far beyond virus protection.

As the level of intrusion rises, so too does the inability of the user to detect the presence of the virus.


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