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The rapid free-flow of information is a curse-pocked blessing.

Media-induced muck-ups and outrages are virtually preordained as due diligence and restraint fall to the wayside in pursuit of being the first to break a story.

United States criminal courts are obligated to ensure fair trials for those suspected of wrongdoing.

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The people filmed rescuing her kids had arrived to the scene in response to Cisneros’s please for assistance.

The news station would have discovered this reality had it not simply relayed the story without checking it for accuracy.

under the mistaken assumption that he was a dead terrorist.

In a reckless effort to put a face to the name of a Muslim extremist shot in a violent tussle with police, the outlets downloaded a picture of the innocent Alam and ran it on the front page of their newspapers.

The mother didn’t abandon her offspring to bake like buns in an automotive oven to tend to cosmetic concerns.

She’d actually accidentally locked her keys in the car and desperately begged for help.

But in a world where headlines can travel as far and fast as technology allows, even a simple underestimation of the public’s sensitivity to an issue can spark a caustic controversy.

The stock market is a finicky, fickle animal that improves and implodes with each new financial forecast. A typo or wrongly worded description of changing conditions in an industry can precipitate a mad rush to buy or dump shares, crippling whole companies and economies.

According to the news editor, the staff believed the article hadn’t violated the injunction because it intentionally lied about the distance of the killers’ whereabouts from two other known locations and suspected that the pair had relocated anyway.


  1. Der prozentuale Anteil ist aber nicht höher, als bei der hiesigen Bevölkerung.

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