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I would always try to sneak a peek of my dad's penis or my brothers. I would always wait until Jonathon was asleep and sneak into the bathroom to finger fuck myself to orgasm. I quit school to take care of the babies while Jonathon finished school. I fantasize about what it would be like to fuck different men. I had to fight off the sexual feelings I had when breastfeeding. I was shocked at first and wondered what I should do. I left it under the mattress because I liked thinking about you enjoying them and masturbating, too.

Occasionally I did and found it so hot to think about them in sexual ways. Because of my overbearing parents and compliant nature, I never dated in high school and went off to the same Bible College my dad went to. It was disappointing, but we had two beautiful children. He was soon the minister of a small town church and I became the preacher's wife. I've fantasized about keeping some of the young boys after Sunday School to give them a lesson they'll never forget. I've admired his growing body and fought off occasional thoughts that would come into my mind like they did with my father and brothers. Then I began to think how hypocritical it would be for me to punish David for having the same sexual desires that I had. I'm assuming you masturbate." David finally began to smile.

"It's beautiful, David." I said as I grabbed his cock. I couldn't believe it, but David was more endowed that his father. I know it was the first time anyone had touched his cock. Thick streams of cum began to spurt from the cock head. I could tell he was embarrassed at coming so quickly. I determined to be the uninhibited slut for my son that I'd always known was inside me. I knew that we would share this sexual connection and be completely open with each other.

I stripped off my bra and panties and enjoyed the lustful gaze my son gave me. I helped him out of his jeans and boxers and gasped as his hard cock popped up at me. The door of my sexuality was finally cracking open and I was going to enjoy it. My husband would never let me suck his cock or drink his cum, but I had occasionally tasted his cum on my fingers when I'd finger fuck myself after he came inside me.

With two older, very rebellious brothers, I was the compliant child.

I was the "good girl." I hate that label, but I've been stuck with it my whole life. Jonathon was dashing and was always the "good boy." He never did anything wrong and was headed into the ministry.

My nipples were achingly hard and I wondered if he could notice. I tussled his hair playfully and went over to the couch where I lay down so that he could catch a peek up my pajamas.

I played innocent (I'm good at that) and just smiled at him. I pretended to watch TV, but I knew that he was doing everything to look at me. Before I get into the story of what happened between my son and me, you need to know a little bit about me. I pushed David down on the bed and he looked up at me. My name is Deb and I'm 39 years old, though everyone thinks I'm younger. I know he could feel my heart pounding against his chest. I peeled off my pajamas and revealed my bra and panties. Nevertheless, I've always had this penchant for sex. I must have only been four or five when I discovered the pleasure of rubbing myself and would look forward to playing with myself every night, though I was deathly afraid of being found out. It was always considered a shameful topic, so I kept my nightly ritual and sexual thoughts to myself. I would catch David looking at my body as I would walk past him.

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