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Video cameras and phones can’t always capture laughter, smirks or sighs of frustration.A joke becomes a fight because the tone of a text is misinterpreted.

From the little miscommunications that come from not being able to see your partner’s face to struggling to overcome the impossibility of physical intimacy to the panic that strikes when a call goes unanswered — they were all familiar problems.

So I couldn’t help but cry as I watched the movie while sitting next to my boyfriend who lives 2500 miles away from me.

I see a food truck we love by my apartment, I Snapchat it to him.

If I want to see his face, we can use Skype or Google Hangout or Face Time.

They then connected on Skype, where they livestreamed their abuse of the young girl, authorities said.

Ellis opened up about Gotham and Forbes after San Francisco cops and the FBI busted her in April 2015, authorities said.Soon, when he finally gets Spotify, he’ll be able to share playlists with me, and I’ll be able to spam him with Beyoncé songs.We watch movies and TV shows together, messaging each other “I told you so” when a plot twist is revealed or our favorite emoticons when the guy ends up with the right girl.I can call my boyfriend every day without having to worry about massive phone bills.When something good or bad happens at work, I can notify him immediately by texting him.Gotham faces nine years behind bars, and Forbes was sentenced to eight years in the slammer.

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