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6) The Prague Public Transport Central Dispatch Center, Na bojišti, Prague 2 Metro or tram: I. Pavlova The main crime of the blockish DPP central dispatch building on Na bojišti is not so much its functionalist exterior as the height of the roof, completely at odds with that of its neoclassical neighbor on Na Bojisti, and of the pub U Kalicha opposite it, which is where the adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk began.Incidentally, the nearby Hotel da Vinci has a hideous kitch-hispanic portico, which we can only hope disappears in the current refurbishment.10) Komerční Banka, Štefánikova, Prague 5 Metro: Andĕl; tram: Arbesovo náměstí‎ Nearly all of Karel Prager’s buildings have excited admiration or derision in equal measure, classic examples being the Federal Assembly at the top of Wenceslas Square (now the National Museum extension), and the so-called ‘bubble-wrap’ building for the National Theatre (now the Nova Scena).

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However, this controversial project didn’t get much further than the courts, when a rival architectural company accused the competition rules of having been flawed, and the project was quickly shelved.

For fans of Kaplický (he also designed the ‘Silver Slug’ shopping centre in Birmingham, UK) who would like to see what the library might have looked like, there’s a bus-stop in Brno which is a miniature version of the proposed design.

An octagonally-based structure, rising to form a truncated pyramid, it has absolutely no redeeming features. There are, sadly, many more egregious examples than these.

Unlike the theatre, this opaque, heavy, airless block looks like a brick version of Darth Vader’s helmet. It may be that you disagree violently with this selection – in part or in whole.

The presence of an uncrossable road next door to the woefully-designed arrivals hall is just one reason for this place to be completely overhauled. 8) Strahov Stadium, Prague 6 Tram: Malovanka; bus Stadion Strahov The Strahov stadium was once the largest-capacity sports arena in the world, and although it was designed in the First Republic, its association with the enforced sporting festivities known as the Spartakiady mean that it’s forever linked with the offensive Communist regime.

Its crumbling structure is now a testament to those bad old days.

We went to look at ten constructions we think are candidates for the accolade ‘Ugliest building in Prague’.

1) Kotva, Náměstí Republiky, Prague 1Metro or tram: Náměstí Republiky Náměstí Republiky is a real hodgepodge of experimental design, from the florid Obecní dům (which itself was already considered out of fashion as soon as it was built) to the new Palladium centre, a converted military barracks that looks like a cross between a toy fort and a blancmange.

3) Žižkov Tower, Prague 3 Metro: Jiřího z Poděbrad; tram: Jiřího z Poděbrad/Lipanská Since its erection in 1992, the 700-foot high Žižkov Telecom Tower has become so much part of our landscape that people barely notice it.

For some, though, including CNN – who placed it fourth on their list – this gigantic rocket launch gantry ranks among the ugliest structures in the world.

The city of a hundred spires, the Golden City, the jewel of Bohemia….


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