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And you wish u could share info and meet sometimes.

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There's one that I call, where I've run across "bi" guys who are majorly into kiddies of either gender.

Also, I had a Chaturbate account for a while with a female name, to watch hot guys who might kick out a male-sounding person.

And to be a phone actor or actress is not much different then being one in person if you want to make money at it.

It is a talent to be on spot and no how to pick up on and read on each person that calls in and go into role.

And after a while, you start getting message after message from guys who either just want to talk about gay sex, or who want to have gay phone sex. Some of the messages are unintentionally hilarious and I am surprised no one has gotten the idea to remix them into some sort of youtube or dance song.

I call in the ladies side, without disguising my voice, and talk to any number of horny, curious, closeted guys for free. Of course you get the invariable, "get off the line faggot." But not as much as you would think.Most are quick to try to get a pic or cam-chat to be sure you're (an attractive) girl.But, there was one cute guy who was interested, early on letting me know he was into "single digit" girls as he put it.Almost anyone can make themselves sound friendly and or nice. And the next and last best thing about working for the adult industry is, it is one of the least effected markets out there due to our bad economy. But it is not so bad either if its keeping some of the people to the actual fantasy rather than reality.And somewhat keeping the rate of disease being transmitted and passed. I look for the straight phone lines that allow ladies to call in free.

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