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It's illegal, but the anonymity and volume of people online make it hard for law enforcement and companies to crack down on this behavior."You'll shut an account down, but they'll be able to open up another one," Tobon said.

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"They take showers and bring the phones in with them," Maddy's mother said.

How easy does this make it for predators to prey on a child?

“These warrants demonstrate our belief about these three individuals and their criminal acts.

However, I can’t help but be disturbed by the incredible number of shares and views of this crude and despicable event …

"There were predators watching her broadcast, making comments, asking her to undress," she said.

"(There were) grown men, some of them as old as 70." A quick search of broadcasts shows young girls doing everything from dancing provocatively to exposing themselves as followers urge them to do more.

"As they chase those followers so that they can be like that is how children fall into these traps," he said.

A 10-year-old elementary school student from Broward County -- called Maddy for this story -- used to use a live-stream app called to show off her skills as a dancer.

Beyond automatic software detection and human moderators currently in-place, we have also developed tools for users themselves to block people from their broadcasts and self-report any harassment they may feel." The best defense for a parent is knowing what app a child is using and having an individual account.


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