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Are there no other ways of relieving the country's fiscal plight?

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'I think the result of this tax cut really speaks for itself,' Pence said, noting that he and Trump hold Ryan 'in the highest regard and want him to stay in the Congress and continue to lead Congress because we’re really just getting started.'Although he seemed to be dismissive of polls showing the administration's low approval ratings, Pence noted that, with midterm elections coming up, Americans can 'count on the fact' that he, Trump and members of the administration will be traveling around the country next year, tub-thumping all year long.

As oil riches have declined in Saudi Arabia, the crisis has forced change in the country.

Suddenly, it can be heard all over the place, as if the economic crisis is forcing the country to undergo a kind of late-period enlightenment.

Everything is being renegotiated, from benefits to the distribution of money, and the question of who will enjoy new freedoms and who will lose old privileges.

The End of a Fairy Tale The primary reason is the disappearance of Saudi Arabia's fairy-tale riches.

The kingdom is in the midst of the deepest crisis it has seen since oil first began gushing out of the wells in the eastern part of the country in 1938.

Suddenly, questions are being asked in public that people didn't dare formulate only a short time ago.

Like why a high-ranking cleric spread nonsense about driving leading to infertility among women.

Low oil prices have led to a 50-percent drop in the country's revenues.

In 2015, the government racked up a budget deficit of 90 billion euros, and the country began borrowing.

Vice President Mike Pence said the passage of the tax reform bill was a 'middle class miracle' and that he and President Donald Trump are 'just getting started.' In an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham, which was aired Wednesday during 'The Ingraham Angle,' Pence said that it was 'humbling' to have played a part in ushering the tax reform bill through Congress.

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