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"People should decide on their own whether there is chemistry between them." To start, you'll be shown three profile pictures, plus appetizer portions of information about each person.The next step is to pick someone to start a game with.

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On our trial run, it asked someone: "If there was a big hairy spider crawling across the wall, would you protect me?

" These types of questions let the other person's sense of humor or lack of funny shine.

When we asked The Game's founder what first-time players should do, he said: "When you have spare time, open up the app, and interact and see if there's something.

If not, try it with someone else." The Game is available for i OS and Android users.

Instead, users can decide quickly on their own, the Game's "Head Matchmaker" and founder David Semerad tells Mashable.

"In general, I think the chemistry between two people is much more complicated than a mathematical algorithm," Semerad says.

Permainan kartu kami memberikan pengalaman sangat nyata yang membuat kamu...

Teektak is the first Indonesian word-game on Appstore.

The Game is a new dating app that offers singles a very different experience.

At sign-up, the virtual dating app pulls your profile picture, location and age from a simple Facebook integration. Mathematical percentages telling you how great a romantic partner someone could be, are also gone.

Permainan ini sangat mudah dan mengasyikkan, dapat dimainkan oleh siapa saja.


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