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Watson passes him heading to the other side of the room (possibly grabs the gun) picking up a pile of open letters from a table. Watson whips open more curtains and opens a window.

Ramsey in Queen's Park -- her husband has gone missing.

ANOTHER HOODED FIGURE stands on the edge of the ceremony, shrouded in shadow. Suddenly, the woman rises up like a broken puppet, as if pulled to her feet by invisible hands. Holmes and Watson head down, fast, not caring if they make a noise or not. Still kneeling, still hooded, Blackwood chants softly, Latin incantation repeating and repeating. Holmes is closer to the girl, Watson closer to Blackwood. Holmes lunges, grabs the woman's arm, disarms her and pulls her out of the pentacle. Simultaneously and eerily the candles extinguish and a rush of air departs the tunnel.

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London was the capital of the world -- the height of modernity, with the hiss of steam and smell of coal in the air. The MAN in the deerstalker hat's eyes widen as he recognizes his famous assailant. SHERLOCK HOLMES offers the handle of the umbrella to the MAN, hauls him to his feet and hands back his broken umbrella. JOHN WATSON, physically as tough as anyone else in the carriage, but with a more pensive air about him. As the carriage banks, we see Holmes cut across the carriage path again, taking a line the horses cannot follow. Holmes descends the stairwell to a door and a spiral staircase beyond it. Holmes extracts a cigar from the Thug's top pocket and sniffs it appreciatively. Eyes alive with intelligence, processing angles when -- A HEAVY HAND falls on his shoulder.

The MAN in the deerstalker hat is KNOCKED FLAT by A RUNNING MAN who has vaulted over a wall, sending him, his pipe, and hat flying across the cobbles. 1 CONTINUED: 1 The RUNNING MAN leans down as if to assist, but instead just picks up the smoker's broken umbrella and studies it. A man in plainclothes sits to one side of the officers: DR. STREETS OF LONDON - NIGHT 3 Almost tipping over, the carriage turns onto the Embankment and hurtles through the writhing fog along the river. He takes a moment to recover; he's fit, but not as fit as he used to be. POV - BOTTOM OF THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE Another bowler-hatted THUG approaches the bottom of the staircase. But Holmes appears from the shadows behind the THUG, reaches around him, grabs his gun hand and pistol-whips him twice with his own gun, dropping him. He jams the cigar in his own top pocket, picks up the man's bowler and proceeds on, further down into the crypts. CATHEDRAL CRYPTS - BALCONY - NIGHT 7 TWO HARD MEN in bowler hats stand guard. 7 CONTINUED: 7 ANOTHER ANGLE Holmes surveys the scene AT A DISTANCE, out of sight.

He is more of a brawler, using headbutts, knees, and elbows. A WOMAN IN WHITE LIES INSIDE A CRUDELY-PAINTED PENTACLE (five-sided figure), lit with candles at each corner.

CATHEDRAL CRYPTS - BALCONY - NIGHT 9 Thugs dispatched, Holmes and Watson look down and see a chilling sight. A HOODED FIGURE KNEELS INSIDE A DOUBLE CIRCLE next to the pentacle. ON THE WOMAN as her lips start to move in time with the incantation. Holmes and Watson leap from the stairs to Blackwood's level.

CUT TO: ANOTHER ANGLE The two HARD MEN on guard turn fast and gather together as they hear footsteps approaching.

7 CONTINUED: (2) 7 He can see the hat, but not the man underneath. Captain Philips emerges from Watson's apartment, heads towards them. Hudson's already-frayed nerves take a turn for the worse. WATSON Why don't you take Captain Philips and give him a nice cup of tea. Gloved hands mix chemicals in a tray, a piece of photo paper on top. The top one reads: STUDENT AND ARMY DOCTOR SOLVE LONDON MYSTERY! NEWSPAPER LIBRARY 10F Another headline: DOCTOR AND DETECTIVE FOIL JEWELRY SCAM! NEWSPAPER LIBRARY 10H A hand yanks the paper from the typewriter and onto a desk where a typesetter begins to assemble the story in blocks of lead type. LAB 10A Dim light from a burner heats fluid in a jar, a bench strewn with scientific equipment. NEWSPAPER LIBRARY 10B Another pair of hands search urgently through a row of alphabetized files, coming to rest on the letter "H." A bunch of "H" clippings hit the desk. 12 CONTINUED: (2) 12 WATSON (CONT'D) I think we can start to wean you off the medicine -- BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG! Blackwood raises his hands in front of him, almost mockingly.


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