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According to the Visa Travel Intentions Study, which surveyed 13,603 adults in 25 countries, the number of people traveling solo doubled between 20.

A Book Yoga questionnaire discovered that more than half of the site’s 300 respondents will embark on a party-of-one trip this year.

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She lined her body with cool, wet towels to reduce her fever and gargled with warm salt water.

She spent the day glued to the Spanish version of “Keeping up With the Kardashians.” “I didn’t want to deal with anyone else,” she said.

“You have to get from point A to B, navigate countries, interact with locals in languages you don’t know and just survive.” When Peters fell ill in San Juan Del Sur, she didn’t have to fake good cheer or rally for her mates.

She paused her Nicaragua vacation to nurse herself back to good health.

Because what the solo traveler wants, the solo traveler gets.

“Traveling alone is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself,” said the Washington-area law student.

To serve the mushrooming community of independent voyagers, a new app called Solo Traveller offers planning resources as well as a platform for soloists to connect and become, for a short spell, a duo or triplet. Tips for easing into solo travel.] “I consider it a rite of passage,” said Evelyn Hannon, founder of Journeywoman, an online publication for female adventurers.

“Now, I am going to go out and test myself against the world.” Travelers initially set off alone for a kaleidoscope of reasons.

“I loved the fact that everything was different and unplanned. ” Lee Abbamonte, who at 32 became the youngest American to visit every country in the world, couldn’t convince any of his friends to take a month off to toodle around Asia in 1999. Since that solo trip, he has explored nearly 320 countries, including 100 by himself.

“You can do whatever you want, see whatever you want, eat whatever you want,” Abbamonte, now 38, said. I call it absolute freedom.” For Hannon, the boot that kicked her into the wider world was the end of her 23-year marriage, when she was 42.

On a May vacation in Nicaragua, Alison Peters often visited several panaderias after dinner, sampling not one but many desserts.


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