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The rustic, yet sheek interior is set up perfectly for a casual conversation with a top quality wine listing.

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Although with Italian you typically think of messy pasta, which isn't too hot of a choice for a first date, Vivo 53 focuses on incredible, unique and funky pizzas.

I would recommend each getting one and swapping around. Pacific Table$15-30 per person Pacific Table is a great fancier seafood style cuisine restaurant.

This is a place I would hit up maybe if you've been off your game for a while and have a nice rainy day fund in your bank account, it can be pricey, but it's beyond worth it. Market Table$10-20 or $25-35 per person The freshest new dig on the block, Market Table perfectly captures the eclectic and rustic feel that is just like home.

Located in the 7th Street district, it's a popular location and great area to walk around after dinner, with plenty of dessert options around.

Little Red Wasp holds a never ending stocked bar and locally influenced on tap craft beers and creatively unique cocktails combined with a southern twist on incredible American styled food.

It's a comfortable and casual environment is perfect for good conversation.

Don't be fooled by their free appetizer cards everyone has been getting in their TCU mailbox, this place is the real deal.

Vivo 53 is a contemporary, American decor inspired dig with a great architecture style to match it.

I recommend grabbing a few "share plates" over some casual conversation.3.

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