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Still, they decided not to purchase it for their collection, so Mary took the pendant to Sotheby's.

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I emailed the Museum to ask if the painting was covering a hole in the wall, but I didn't get a reply. Every Sunday afternoon for the last seven years, Mary Hannaby had gone for a walk with her metal detector.

Mental Floss: 6 really strange truck spills As you go in search of your nest egg, keep in mind the old adage: "It's only worth what the market will bear." Sometimes finding treasure is the easy part; finding someone willing to buy it can be the real challenge. She'd never really found anything of value, but she liked getting the exercise, so she kept at it.

She found a rather large painting -- 66 inches by 47 inches -- that she thought was pretty amusing because it was, in her opinion, so ugly.

When she asked the thrift store employee the price, they said $8. In the end, her friend didn't want it (she, too, thought it was ugly, plus it wouldn't fit through the door of her trailer), so Teri took it home and tried to unload it at her garage sale.

A local art teacher saw the painting and suggested it could very well be a Jackson Pollock.

In response, Teri famously asked the teacher, "Who the f*** is Jackson Pollock?The salt and pepper shakers, on the other hand, were still worthless. A good Heade for bargains One day, an employee at a tool-and-die company in Indiana spent for a few pieces of used furniture and an old painting of some flowers.When he got his new stuff home, he decided to strategically hang the picture to cover up a hole in the wall that had been bugging him.They're not all as big as The Uncle Sam Diamond, but maybe you'll get lucky. Mental Floss: 10 diamond-encrusted things you don't need If getting your hands dirty isn't your idea of fun, maybe you should start hitting garage sales and thrift stores to find valuables buried among the castoff bread machines and Members Only jackets. Michael Sparks was visiting a Nashville thrift store, where he bought a candleholder, a set of salt and pepper shakers, and a yellowed print of the Declaration of Independence.Sometimes, one man's trash really is another man's treasure. The Declaration of (financial) Independence We've all heard of the man who bought a painting at a garage sale, found an original copy of the Declaration of Independence inside, and sold it for .4 million. Sparks figured the document was a worthless, modern reprint, so he paid the asking price -- .48 -- and headed home.And the crown jewel of the park has been the "Strawn-Wagner Diamond," a comparatively small 3.09 carat diamond, that was dug up in 1990, and expertly cut down to 1.90 carat.


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  2. Have to admit that the UI isn't exactly self descripting there. On this one, it's more interesting, but the results are not so much fun.

  3. And after filming, the first thing she did when she returned to the new home she shares with Eric was switch on the PS3 games console – and crack open a beer.

  4. The more than 400 colorful images included in this Smithsonian Institution Libraries' online document represent SIL's nearly complete set of the early issues of Le Garde-meuble, those folios published from 1841 through 1851.

  5. I think we must conclude that this whole project was an act of sectarian loyalty for Card who made this film for BYUTV - Brigham Young University Television.

  6. Language and Literacy (Language Development), Creative Activities (Drawing and Writing), Mathematics (Number Work), Environmental Studies, Movement and Drama (Music and Dance), and Physical Development (Physical Education) Primary school lasts 6 years (Age 6-11).

  7. In the new method, scientists place an entire artifact in a special chamber with a plasma, an electrically charged gas similar to gases used in big-screen plasma television displays.

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