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Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial, the Center for Civil Liberties and FIDH call upon anyone who values human rights and who refuses to tolerate discriminatory violence to join the campaign #Stop LGBTpersecution by sending photos, videos, and pictures with the camapign logo in defense of the rights of people who are suffering right now.

The Ukrainian news website, PSB-NEWS, reports on the scandal involving the pro-Russian radio station, Love FM, that has erupted in Finland.

In her message to Alla Pierce, Yelena Nikitina says that “it is not us,” referring to the so-called “ministry of information” of DNR. We now have new information, [published by FINROSFORUM,] about the activities of the Finnish information terrorists, which reveals that the pro-Kremlin propaganda that they produce is being spread in Finland as well.

A radio station called Love FM began broadcasting in Finland in July 2016.

We have an international press centre, which helps foreign journalists visit Donetsk, obtain accreditation, and see everything that is happening with their own eyes.

We are now establishing our own network of connections and independent journalists throughout Europe.

When you are confronting fascist forces, you cannot remain as impartial as a judge during a court process or a journalist in his comfortable office.

I wanted to become the voice of Donbass and do everything to make sure that a constant stream of news from there was available not only in Russian, but in English as well.Finally, I got my hands on careful investigation and analysis of international reports on Poroshenko’s activities.Nowadays, those, whose support was so important for him, attack the power with criticism.When I left Donetsk, I immediately began to look for sponsors and plan how we could fill this enormous information vacuum.Today, we have a news factory that produces news from Donbass in English seven days a week.The situation of LGBT in Donbas is less known, but human rights research by ADC Memorial and the Center for Civil Liberties revealed a lot of similarities, and the puppet states of so called Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics, in the same way the Chechen authorities do, deny not only the repression but the very existence of LGBT people in those regions.


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