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Using himself as bait, he lures the Mirrorlings out of the mirrors but uses his sonic screwdriver to stop them from fully stepping through.

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She finds herself in a dimension inhabited by Mirrorlings, creatures waiting to escape through the mirrors to replace the originals, who in turn become trapped in the Mirrorling dimension.

As the Mirrorling-Rose prepares to leave with the Doctor in the TARDIS, local inhabitants arrive to warn them not to enter the house.

In the TARDIS the Doctor and Rose watch from a safe distance as the island explodes killing the remaining Chalderans.

The island's name, the Doctor tells Rose, is Krakatoa, and two-thirds of the island will be destroyed in the blast.

But the Chalderans are stupid, and the Doctor uses this to set them fighting amongst themselves while he and Rose escape.

The pursuing Chalderans are killed when they run into the waterfall.Returning to the station by TARDIS, the Doctor reveals that he has united the abducted humans and the aliens from the planet into a force capable of overthrowing the Disinfectodroids, They will then be reprogrammed and sent to the distant planet where they will teleport all the rubbish back to Acme Cleaning Industries, New Brentford on Earth, who built the robots in the first place. TARDIS sound effect makes its first appearance outside of the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and other Marvel/Panini publications.The Generation Game game show are hardly topical in this day and age given that it was last broadcast in 1981). When the TARDIS vending machine runs out of chocolate, the Doctor takes Rose to Belgium, home of the finest chocolatiers in the galaxy, but it is 1914 and a German platoon, under the brutal command of Captain Rotmund, has been sent in pursuit of the British (making a retreat through the forest of Mormal).When the Germans attack the camera, it defends itself and the noise attracts the attention of British soldiers.Using the Doctor's sonic screwdriver to illuminate herself, Rose appears to the soldiers as the Angel of Death and starts to quote ’Angels’ by Robbie Williams which scares them away.The Doctor addresses the Warfreekz, telling them that even watching wars is not painless - he sends a feedback pulse down the camera which hurts their ears and forces them to withdraw.


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