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Outsiders runs a uniquely prestigious international private club for socially and physically disabled people, where members offer each other peer support and friendship. We hold unthreatening events and lunches, where everybody is introduced to one another.

Some enjoy lively group discussions, whilst others get to know one another in private conversations.

Around 20,000 people contact their services each year.

Especially after childbirth, testosterone levels can fall to an extremely low level, causing some women to lose interest in sex.

As women start to reach the menopause, their levels of oestrogen can start to decrease, which can result in a reduction in sex drive.

Limited Company Registered in England and Wales Number 813847. Address is: 50 Featherstone Street London EC1Y 8RT National office telephone (admin): 020 7284 6040 Fax (admin): 020 7284 6050 General admin email: [email protected] Website: find a service: https:// 08 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- There’s no getting around the fact that as we age, our sexual desire can suffer.

It’s extremely common for both men and women to develop a dip in libido as they get older, and while this diminished desire is not a cause for concern, it can be a major source of distress for many people.

If this becomes a serious problem, a GP or medical practitioner will be able to determine whether you are suitable for hormone replacement therapy.

As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to certain health ailments.For more information visit: Relationships Scotland’s network of affiliated local services provide relationship counselling, family mediation, child contact centres and other family support services across all of mainland and island Scotland.Their work supports individuals, couples and families experiencing relationship difficulties.If you are troubled by a persistent lack of desire, or feel that it is having a negative effect on your sex life with your partner, it’s a good idea to consult your GP, or to seek advice from reputable online clinics.Although most common in the midlife years, reduced sex drive can affect women of different ages.If you are concerned that the medication you are taking has affected your sex drive, a healthcare professional may be able to offer you an alternative prescription that has less of an impact on your sexual desire.


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