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Cranmer also moved away from the doctrine of Transubstantiation to recognizing the Communion elements as spiritual food but that no physical change occurred in the bread and wine.He also instructed: “There shall be no celebration of the Lord’s Supper except there be at least one person to communicate with the priest.” What were the Words of Administration in the First BCP 1549 (which was more Catholic)?What was the name of the Bishop’s liturgical book and what services did it contain?

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At the Lord’s Supper we make “a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving” for Christ’s one sacrifice.

In the medieval church the laity had received only the bread; Cranmer, like other reformers, insisted on Communion “in both kinds.” All communicants should receive both bread wine.

We begin with a look at the liturgical texts used in the medieval church and how they were reworked by Thomas Cranmer, the chief architect of the Prayer Book. Midnight: During the Late Middle Ages (1307-1485) which were the three main languages spoken in England?

By the eighth century how many daily prayer services were there in cathedrals, monasteries and convents? The common folk spoke only English and most could not read. And church services were conducted in Latin (although the actual marriage vows, the sermon & the bidding prayers were in English). The Breviary contained all the necessary texts in Latin for the eight Daily Offices: psalms, hymns, lessons and prayers.

The Catechism was expanded to include teaching on the sacraments.

Confirmation must now occur in church and include a renewal of the baptismal vows. Accession Service (on the anniversary of when the reigning monarch came to the throne).

(The popular Sarum Manual was printed in 1508.) The Processional contained the Litany which was sung while walking down the long centre of the nave in cathedrals and large churches before the main Sunday mass.

It included many intercessory prayers as well as invocations of the saints.

“The Body of our Lord Jesus Christ which was given for thee, preserve thy body and soul unto everlasting life: Take and eat this, in remembrance that Christ died for thee, and feed on him in thy heart by faith and thanksgiving. The blessing and use of a ring in the Marriage Service. Kneeling for receiving Communion since to Puritans it suggested adoration of the host and they were accustomed to sitting at a table to receive Communion.


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