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I really like it — we are both very honest and I don’t feel like I’m being judged.” Bailey Rae is not nervous about having spent so much time out of the limelight.She said: “I didn’t fear I would be forgotten about.His death in March 2008, after an accidental overdose of alcohol and methadone, came when the new album was about half done.

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“For certain weaknesses that I have, I feel like he has strengths, and vice versa.

We wrestle the music — we really disagree a lot on the direction on things, but I think music always wins out.

She added: “We do have an issue with race in this country.

Police violence is something that’s been looked into a lot; deaths in police custody.

Musically the song combines a lounge feel with soulful keyboards and Harrison-esque guitar. “Closer” finds the artiste in more of a classic R&B mode, though the sentiments are bleak.

It’s accomplished stuff but not necessarily as strong as the earlier songs.In 2008, midway through recording The Sea, her husband, saxophonist Jason Rae, died from an accidental methadone and alcohol overdose.She remarried in 2013, wedding collaborator and friend Steve Brown, but remains naturally guarded.“All the changes you go through personally really affect the music you make and my music on the one hand is personal and the other it comes from my lived experience and the interaction with the world around me,” she says.In terms of the people pushing up against the institutions, there’s definitely a lot of issues.“We’re definitely living in a time where wider culture’s become more aware of these issues. "Compared to America, Britain is more integrated — there’s much less stereotyping around different ethnicities and much more cohesion.Like all the songs here, the musicianship is first rate and the big band treatment carries the song particularly well.


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