Consolidating subsidiaries

The Group traces its beginning as a sole proprietorship in 1975, when Mr.

Mohamed Salleh Marican started a men’s tailoring business, which failed 4 months later.

We have introduced many schemes and practices over the years to ensure high standard of corporate governance.

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Consolidating subsidiaries

Restarting the same business five months on, he aptly named it Second Chance.

It succeeded and within two years he had three outlets.

FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT The company and one of its subsidiaries invest in stocks, mainly REITS for the long term.

Through another subsidiary, we trade in bonds and stocks.

Mr Salleh believes his success is due to the backing of a strong team and the Group’s ability to overcome setbacks by making the right decisions that led the Company to bounce back to higher levels of success.

We merge brain with brawn, modern with classic, and capital with insight to steer our Group through good times and uncertain period.

This segment recorded a profit of S.27 million in FY 2015 with contribution of revenue amounting to S.21 million.

APPAREL RETAIL We believe that bigger and more sophisticated specialty retail stores would be the way to go in the future.

We shall strive to ensure that our resources are channelled to efforts or programmes we can all be proud of.


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