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But worse than that was the full evidence of how well the outdoor life and all its exercise suited Leah. She had enough spare nylon rope to replace all the rotten cotton hanks I had. The motion must have released some pressure on her diaphragm; her laughter rolled out in waves lapping clear to the tree tops. Finally Leah showed me how all the pieces of aluminum tubing really did fit together.

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"Hannah's going to be flying down from Chicago early Monday afternoon. It was as if while Mom and Dad stood around deciding whether or not to toss me in the trash, Leah lay there on the griddle smoking away. She'd led snorkeling expeditions in the Caribbean, spent a few years as a ranchhand in Montana, was a ski instructor in Colorado. It was terribly convenient that there happened to be nearly a million acres of hiking, camping and white-water rafting within easy reach of the old spawning ground. She left the table in tears because none of us understood her. She sort of ushered me into the kitchen, the de jure conference room in our household. Planned down to the most minute detail." "So why doesn't she just go ahead and go? "I haven't slept on the ground since I was stationed in Germany. Too bad I threw out my back shoveling the drive last winter." "No." "You still have all your old Scouting equipment down in the basement." Leah stood in the doorway. "Oh, no," I started into my lie before I realized she'd said that as a statement, not a question. Then she gave a gentle jut of her elbow in my ribs. At first I thought you were serious about the car thing." I laughed a little. I really needed to keep my mind on the trail; it kept getting rougher the further we went. While it was strictly her business what style of panties she felt comfortable wearing, there was no secret to her choice. Finally I had to hustle to catch up to her to keep from killing myself. "I have no clue where this came from, but it's going to be pouring within the hour." "No way," I looked up. " Leah held her hand in front of me, level with the ground. She traced the declivity with the forefinger of her other hand. " The other hand curled, and swept back up over the sloped fingers. Then I went looking for a big rock to use in place of the sledgehammer I'd neglected to bring. " I didn't say a word, even though I was getting a bit grumbly. "Please," she keened through the sheen of tears in her eyes, "when we're ready to leave, can we just burn it to the ground?

Then, as I understand it, she and Leah are going to go camping up in the state park for a few days. The curious thing about Leah, though, was that as a girl she'd been such a full-bore bows-in- the-hair princess. But at the cusp of puberty she discovered horses, and she'd been an outdoorswoman ever since. "Hannah couldn't make it," she whispered fiercely, "she came down with some sort of violent stomach bug at the last minute." I bet she did, I bit my tongue. "I'm sure I gave all that away ages ago." "I checked earlier; everything you'd need, it's still down there." "No! But Leah was right in the way of the far end of my necessary range of vision. "There's not a cloud in the sky." "Oh, there will be. Had to hunt up some lengths of properly hooked green branches to do in stead of a few missing stakes. Stepping to the side, it was the most sway-backed piece of shit ever.

The clincher wasn't the thought that I hadn't been down to see my folks in nearly two years, it was the realization that I'd last seen them on a short leg of my last vacation. Not that I'd ever considered buildings as other than buildings; some were ugly, some were not. No interest in the jacuzzi-in-every-room mentality of Hollywood Heels. Actually, I did, but the feeling was so brief it barely registered. And the only way to make them go away was to do exactly what they wanted me to do. Big city girl--no doubt her idea of roughing it was to spend an hour on a sunny Saturday afternoon hanging out in Lincoln Park. I could well imagine how the various tribes battled over the rights to them come mealtime. And I guarantee you your feet are going to make you wish you were dead. "Tiny flowers," she snorted, "try the Women's Department." "Oh. Instead of pointing and exclaiming, "Boy, look at that big old tree over there," I was able to state more authoritatively, "Damn, that white oak must be at least three-hundred years old! I started to lose steam and my enthusiasm was definitely on the wane. My steps dwindled to about one for every two of Leah's, and soon she was a good thirty feet ahead of me. Because if that's the case, I'm turning around." "Suit yourself," she shrugged. A rain that didn't seem likely to relent in our lifetimes. But I was afraid that my body would know and would care. "Hey, I thought those modern tents came equipped with a potty pouch." "Boys! "You'll probably just stand at the edge of the tarp and whiz out into the rain. " As if it was my fault I had a handy-dandy spigot! As I shook off the final drops, my cock gave a lurch and started to surge. I was not going to crawl in my tent and milk the weed.

As the oldest child in my family, I was working hard at being the exception. I'd sold a travel piece to the in-flight magazine of an airline that went bankrupt before I could cash the check. The place looked like an RV dealership, except the millions of people running around screaming were mostly children, not salespersons. There were trees, sure, but the only other thing that seemed to flourish were picnic tables. When you hit the rack of crotchless teddies, take a left. " Switching subjects as quickly as I could without it seeming obvious that I was, I began babbling about how nice it was to be surrounded by photosynthesis instead of assault and battery. It really was like two monologues pausing for one another. "I thought you said this great place was right up the trail." "It is," she answered brightly. "Right up the trail doesn't qualify as an hour-and- a-half forced march in my book." "Oh, come on. " "Well," I dwelled, "I agreed to sleep on the hard ground in a tent for a few nights. Goddamn, breakfast on my 65th birthday--two pounds of bacon, a quart of bourbon; skip the cake and substitute 65 cigarettes for the candles. Lunch was so far in the past, and all that stumbling that passed for hiking had fired my appetite. As description, a wall of water wasn't all that off. Within minutes the air was thick with the sickly scent of chlorophyll. She growled a goodnight and crawled off into her cave.

My name is Julie and I grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, so it makes sense that I married an outdoor enthusiast.

When we were first married, we went camping nearly every month, sometimes multiple times. I stumbled out of the tent and walked stiffly over to the firepit. I was beginning to feel like a strip of campfire bacon. Crawl into Leah's tent and scare the shit out of her--aiiee, it's the Bog Man!Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, . But for a brain-eating career, it wasn't a bad one. A short story was accepted by literary journal too insolvent to pay even in contributor's copies. There was no surprise, then, that Hannah got a doctorate in some esoteric branch of science; that she wound up at a very well-paying position at some science institute in Chicago; and that she spent her days doing the sort of sciencey stuff that scientists like to do all day long. A quick call to a travel agent would have given her the itinerary. Parked about ten feet from every table was an oil drum garbage can, but with such an incredible distance between each, it was hardly any wonder the pathways connecting them were strewn with litter. I mean, what I've seen, they've moved beyond white to the tiny crayon box of bright colors. Once you see the wall of socks, you're almost there! We traded stories of white-water rafting for those involving urban architecture. " I shouted again, then a third time before she halted and turned. Nothing was said about retracing, backwards, the footsteps of westward expansion. " I could see the fine long lines of Leah's bare legs standing in front of the opening to my tent. Well I remembered the beauty of campfire bacon from my boyhood. I seemed to recall that fish, maybe chicken, was about the only thing that kept her from being a complete herbivore these days, but hell, the smell of bacon frying away in the odor zone of wood smoke... Leah and I grinned at each other, our skin tones gone sort of green. I don't care if you just squat down somewhere under the tarp. I promise: I'll close my eyes, I'll stopper my ears... I decided to take advantage of the illumination from her tent, reaching into mine to fetch my toothbrush. While a penis was undeniably useful for taking a piss in the woods, I didn't think Leah--or any of the non- penile half of the population--quite understood what a bother it could be to have such equipment parked between your legs. Desc: Incest Sex Story: A forced camping trip turns into an interesting opportunity. Then I happened to bump into this guy with a dream and some money, and we co-founded "Architecture Now". Not the Southern Mavericks whose visions of Southern Living were produced by too much consumption of Southern Comfort. I wasn't quite sure how Leah had managed to talk Hannah into going camping with her. It wasn't that I thought Hannah had an aversion to outdoorsy things, just that they didn't have much application to her life. As well, I should have felt personally bruised at not being included. I got up late in the morning and took a long hot shower. Then I got in Leah's car, refusing to be the one to bring anything up from the basement. It'll be so much fun, you'll see." "What's a couple of days? " "Out in the wilds, surviving by your wits--help toughen you up, big city boy." Voices out of a nightmare! As well, at a ratio of one to every three or four tables, the area was dotted with crusty black grills sunk into concrete. If it gets cool further in, it's your torso that keeps you warm, not your lower limbs. You're going to swelter in those jeans, and then shiver in that shirt. But that's all." She plucked out a spot of the fabric for my perusal, the twin hillocks of her small breasts seemingly transformed into an enormous central mountain. In a way, though, navigating a modern tube raft through a series of low water cataracts wasn't all that much different from trying to negotiate a modern building through a series of lowbrow zoning constrictions. I was surprised, and proud, that I'd retained some knowledge of nature over the years. What we're walking on was once part of a pioneer trail, a settlement route. The path takes such a sharp bend here because it's the easiest way back down into the valley." Which meant that we were climbing out of the valley. I approached her, slowly, and without another word. So frankly, if we won't get where you want to be going in five or ten minutes, let me know. How diligence had no bearing--no matter what you did, how carefully you tended to it, you always wound up a panful of shredded fatty meat that was simultaneously charred and raw. The smoke from the fire drifted beyond the protection of the tarp, where it seemed to disappear, washed to the ground. But then we were just sitting out under a piece of plastic in the pouring rain. Then, indeed, I did take a long hearty piss out into the rain. Rowdy feller wakes up every morning and thinks it's Christmas Day. "The Bank of the Best just put up a new branch down here and it's real pretty so I thought I'd tell you just in case you might want to do a story about it." That was one of my major problems--gently shrugging off Mom's best intentions. She freelanced out of a converted garage, concentrating on her work while her kids were at school and her husband was downtown. I should have turned around the minute I walked in the door, headed right back out to the airport. There was a regular wake awaiting me in the livingroom. She wanted to share a part of her life with a member of her family." "With Hannah, you mean. Specifically with Hannah; let's keep that straight." I could smell where this was going. And the laces she was retying hadn't really come undone at all. "Sounds great to me." After such a drop, my spirits were nearly soaring. We loaded our backs with our gear, locked the car, and walked off in the direction she indicated through a break in the surrounding forest. What surprised me was how ill-clad Leah was: khaki shorts and a long-sleeved thermal top. But ultimately that proved to be a profound distraction. But we need to set up camp pretty quickly." "What's the rush? And don't worry," she shook her head, "I don't think this is an electrical storm." Leah unrolled her tent, gave it a crisp shake like a bedsheet, and the whole thing just sort of popped into place. You can torch it right now if you'll give me the keys to the car." "I'm sorry, Dan, it's just... it's just that it's the saddest little tent I've ever seen." She turned away and buried her face in her hands. We sat out there for nearly another hour, barely talking, occasionally poking at the fire. "Nice as this is," she yawned, "I think I'm going to bet on the morning being nicer." "What is it?


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