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She said Natalie had left the UK last week to meet Abbey who she met last year in Bali The pair were suffering from symptoms of food poisoning and are understood to have gone to a medical centre to buy medication before going back to bed.

Natalie's mother said she last heard from her daughter via a Whatsapp message, before police called at her home this morning with the news.

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Speaking from her home in Shefford, Bedfordshire, Wendy, 60, said her daughter had only recently texted her to say she was 'wasn't well' and 'might go and get something to make her feel better'.

Natalie Jade Seymour (right) and Abbey Gail Amisola (right) are believed to have died after taking tablets they bought at a chemist after feeling unwell, Natalie's mother Wendy Bowler, 60, revealed.

A forensic examination was being prepared to establish the exact cause of death.

A member of the management of the Monkey Republic Hostel told Mail Online: 'We are all deeply shocked and very sad for the families and friends of these two very nice women.'It seems they were very close friends who were travelling together.

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Neighborhood Newspaper & Radio Alliance (NNRA) is a network of neighborhood newspapers and radio programming that reaches millions of Caribbean-Americans and African-Americans in New York City.Ms Seymour posted a picture (above) of her on a boat trip to the island of Koh Thonsáy just three days ago They were rushed to Kampot provincial hospital but they could not be revived.Local reports suggested they had already passed away when found in the hostel.They told how Natalie had left the UK last week to meet Abbey Amisola who she met last year in Bali.She did not know when she was due to return home and had booked a one-way ticket with no fixed plans.For advertisers, NNRA offers an opportunity for both market-wide and neighborhood targeted advertising, allowing businesses to get their messages into the specific areas they want to penetrate.


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