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It's very nice and I feel like I have smelled this growing up somewhere.

It doesn't last too long on me but on clothes it goes on for days and days.

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Britney dating again

As it settles on my skin i feel like Im wearing a lighter version of Victoria's Secret Supermodel, the discontinued one that was once my favorite Christmas/winter scent, it has emotional value to me too.

By lighter I dont mean lacking power or depth, just not aggressive but more dimensional. So I wouldnt repurchase MJ's Honey and my Supermodel's half empty bottle smells of alcohol after 10 yrs BUT Britney's perfumes oh they last and last in their pretty bottles for years.

I don't care about the hate this comment will garner, but Britney Spears' Hidden Fantasy's fragrance is exponentially superior to Chanel's Coco eau de parfum (present formulation, NOT the vintage). Literally everything that (present-day) Coco failed to do this one does, like a BOSS.

There is a sweetness that remains delicate, sheer, and non-cloying.

Its dry down also reminds me of a milder MJ Honey which i had and got alil tired of it. However Hidden Fantasy is much more unique on its own. So Hidden Fantasy combines both of these two perfumes and adds the spicy element. Edit: a reviewer mentioned D&G The One, I can see why: the mandarin orange, lily note and amber of The One give the same type of sweetness, but to me The One is too serious, sometimes it even reminds me of the incense of lily&honey.

Not something i reject, but def wouldnt buy, too heavy for me, plum, vetiver, litchi ohh too much.It's a bit like Tocca Stella in that you get a spice and orange combination. This is on October's tray, and now that the last days of October are coming to an end, I feel that I can give a pretty fair review on this. It's cozy and warm, yet the citrus lasts so long in this perfume.Not much floral here except that a bit of lily comes and goes. If you wear this in cold weather, little kids hug you and say, "You smell GOOD! I mean it's nice, but it's just a generic sweet scent. :) This IS a fluffy orange spice cake with a deliciously creamy vanilla icing. I think Britney Spears perfumes are some of the best longevity-wise.It would be good for casual daytime occasions in various seasons.I get creamy citrus like some sort of orange sorbet and hint of clove and sandalwood and vanilla.We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Sam sticks for Brit!


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