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“Many have not dated in years and have no idea how to even approach the process,” says Claudia Jean, creator of a seminar series on midlife dating.

“There may also be a lingering sense of ‘cheating’ that must be worked through.

Dating someone who’s been bereaved can be a delicate situation.

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The couple also moved to quiet any potential gossip about the reason for their split.

There was nothing that went into this outside of what weve told you," Storms noted.

It feels safer to be in a relationship, even if it doesn’t actually last ’til death.

“I was brought up to admire couples who stayed together for a long time,” says Erin Hastings, a graduate student of psychology.

Serial monogamy is characterized by living in some degree of a fantastical environment, says another book on the topic, The Monogamy Myth, by Peggy Vaughan.

People behave as if the relationship is everlasting, and they really hope that it will be, even though it’s almost always for a limited time.We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.News Archive: Barash, Kirsten Storms secretly wed, are expecting! News and More: Return to's GH Front Page.(The percentage shrinks when we take all mammals into account, which takes us down to about 3 percent.) In The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People, David Barash and Judith Lipton explain that expecting to stay with one mate for life goes against some of the deepest evolutionary inclinations that biology has given us. In the book, Barash and Lipton also point out that we humans are incredibly flexible in terms of relationship lifestyles, which makes us pretty unusual in comparison to our other mammalian friends.In other words, our desire to live this way can allow us to overcome biology. Despite the fact that we’re not naturally monogamous, there’s something within us that seeks the companionship and stability one-on-one commitments offer. It’s a Compromise If Barash and Lipton are right, then is serial monogamy some kind of a compromise between our happily-ever-after expectations and our evolutionary tendencies?Thus, a widow or widower usually hopes to connect, to have another solid relationship.


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