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The local forensic expert originally believed he was examining modern Caucasian remains.

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Researchers used a network of 160 wells around the pond to lower the water table enough to permit excavation of the peat.

The workers used shovels and hand tools to remove the peat until the level of the burials was reached.

Most were buried in a flexed position, on their left sides, and with their heads toward the west.

The bodies were held down in the graves by sharpened stakes.

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Many bones of children showed interrupted growth, perhaps due to severe disease or malnutrition. Adults of both sexes exhibited a high incidence of osteoarthritis, also a continuing problem for humans.

Some skeletons showed wounds that were likely the cause of death.

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  2. Although they again have showed great desire and spirit, the captain Teodosic and his fiends did not manage to achieve this.

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  4. In that post the video of the BUK was situated near Krasnodon, on its way to the Russian border, and it was claimed to have been made at in the morning of the 18th, which is very shortly after dawn.

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  6. Le cours sera offert en anglais et il contiendra un module de voyages d’étude au Portugal medieval (“Exploring medieval sites”).

  7. DRV victimization clusters into two categories for females, and three for males.

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