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It would appear that much like the Turks of Anatolia were Turkified, the natuve semetic speaking Cypriots were hellenized and some were later Turkified. Recent genetic clustering analyses of ethnic groups are consistent with the rasied the issue as many people are under the false impression they are European. um=1&...9,r:2,s:0,i:76 They are the genetic cousins of Syrians, Jews, Lebanese and Druze.

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Their closest relatives are Syrians, Druze, Jews and Lebanese.

Y-Dna haplogroups are found at the following frequencies in Cyprus : J (43.07% including 6.20% J1), E1b1b (20.00%), R1 (12.30% including 9.2% R1b), F (9.20%), I (7.70%), K (4.60%), A (3.10%).[117] J, K, F and E1b1b They are do not cluster with Greeks or any other Europeans on the genetic map.

; Abstract We have identified the β-thalassaemia alleles in nearly all known Turkish Cypriot β-thalassaemia homozygotes and in over 700 Greek Cypriot β- thalassaemia heterozygotes living on the island of Cyprus.

Blonde people are virtually non-existant in cyprus, but they occsioanly crop up in Greece, a greek cypriot friend of mine would somtimes get mistaken for Arab. N3My8Voe Nc26A Here is the genetic map and chart, as you can see they cluster with Jews , Syrians ad Druze. PARIS — New research has found Jews share a genetic bond with Cypriots and Druze and confirms the Jewish diaspora maintained a strong DNA continuity despite its long separation from the Middle East, scientists said on Wednesday. Genetically they are Middle Eastern, try spotting a Lebanese man in a crowd in Cyprus or a Cypriot in Beirut, you can't. Cypriots are not a European people, anymore than Hungarians are asian.Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.


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