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The sci-fi story starts aboard a huge spaceship in which all crew members and passengers are hibernating in a deep, life-pausing sleep not to be awoken for 120 years when they reach a planet called .

Along the way, Jim (Pratt) and Aurora (Lawrence) find themselves awake early and looking at an 89-year journey on the spaceship, never to arrive at their destination.

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It’s the stuff of nightmares (and intriguing film premises).unfortunately falls victim to the pressures that so many movies suffer from today—to force-feed unnecessary sexualized scenes into an otherwise thoughtful story line.

At one point in the film when Lawrence is trying with all her might to open a device, she flails to the point that her chest is busting out of her shirt.

Especially because Lawrence has said in interviews how uncomfortable she felt in the filming of the scenes., and she called it “a bizarre experience.” Despite saying that everything “was done right” (meaning her colleagues were professional), she said she was so uncomfortable that she had to prepare for the scene by drinking. “I knew it was my job, but I couldn’t tell my stomach that,” she said. Sure, we’re talking about actors portraying a fictional scenario, but the notion Lawrence highlights about needing liquid courage (or rather, a liquid buffer) in sexual situations is not a phenomenon confined to the movie set.

There’s no question that alcohol and hookup sex go hand in hand for many young women today.

But natural instincts are not a trivial thing—and especially in the sexual realm, it’s quite dangerous to ignore our “gut feelings” about things.

We already know that unwanted sexual experiences have psychological repercussions, often ones that aren’t easily shaken off.To get a sense of how awkward this looks, here's a video that is supposed to be a parody of people with Asperger's interacting with each other. I mean you should masturbate.” I didn't know what to do. I spent the whole evening talking about how hot she is. How are we going to have sex if we keep putting it off? There has to be a game or something.” I said, “Okay. Then he started using other sorts of hand signals (open-outcry hand-signals are way more than just market indicators, believe me.) He flashed the sign for do you want to have lunch (spooning food into mouth for “eat” coupled with pretending to break something between your hands, for “break”). That didn't just make him pursue me with more fervor. We had sex, but he didn't like that it was messy, and I liked writing about it better than doing it. There are little cues you give the other person, a careful touch in a spot you don't usually touch, a kiss that is a kiss that means this-is-not-a-goodnight-kiss, a pointed question like, did the kids fall asleep? He said, “I want to have sex.” I said, “Okay.” Then I said, “Hold it. There needs to be something else.” So we went back to the dance. But a lot of times, he gives one nonverbal cue, like breathing warm and wet next to my ear. I curl up in a ball and tell him I'm too anxious to have sex. I would say, “He's so good in bed.” And now you know what I mean.But my family has such a high proportion of people with Asperger's that this video, honestly, is not far from what our life is like. I only need one finger to move one inch back and forth to masturbate. I told him I thought all the other women were faking it for him because masturbation is not visual. I did not realize that this exchange meant that I had to be the aggressor in bed. We can't do this whole date and not kiss.” She said, “I need you to seduce me.” I said, “What? We had sex two times in six years after we had a kid. These are tiny cues that have to come with other, tiny cues. And I tried to pay close attention to nonverbal cues and then respond with the appropriate nonverbal cue. When she gets hit by a flying projectile, she rips off her shirt to bandage the wound.When she goes on her daily swim, her suit just happens to be something that would fit seamlessly into a Victoria’s Secret catalog.Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.


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